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Pungwe Safari Camp

A small and intimate camp nestled deep in the Manyeleti Reserve where the wilderness and luxury collide, Pungwe Safari captures the essence of a true safari experience. Situated on the unfenced boundary between the Sabi Sands Nature Reserve and the Kruger National Park, Pungwe is light-years away from the tourist-laden spots. You’ll stay in one of just four tents and enjoy life-changing sights in an intimate and exclusive setting that you’ll remember forever.

Pungwe Camp

Far away from the hustle and bustle of tours and resorts sits Pungwe – a private camp set in the great expanse of the Manyeleti Game Reserve. A calm and relaxing space where time could stop still, you’ll find nothing but the rustle of the wind through the trees and the happy chirp of the birds to interrupt your thoughts. Small and cosy, with just four tents, Pungwe captures the essence of a traditional safari experience.

A spacious camp with Meru-style tents and private en-suites, Pungwe promises a simple, elegant style with home-from-home comforts. A quartet of safari tents complete with the soft and comforting lighting of paraffin lamps, wood-fired hot water and a camp-fire kettle. You’ll experience the unique ambience of the original bushveld safari. With nothing but the canvas separating you and the great outdoors, you’ll feel the roar of a Lion, hear the cackle of the Hyena and see the spectacle of a bush standoff as herds roam freely throughout the bush and right past your lodgings.

A genuine believer in supporting the surrounding communities of the Manyeleti, Pungwe employs over 60% of its staff from 153 Land Claimant families. Your stay at Pungwe is not only a once-in-a-lifetime trip but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support the many local families who help to maintain the beautiful reserve and to give back to those who help make your stay truly life-changing. In recent years, the Pungwe Camp has funded a local creche along with the promise of a main meal every day for the children who attend.

Pungwe Safari camp

The four en-suite meru-styled tents at Pungwe offer simple elegant comfort, security, hot and cold running water for baths or showers, and an exceptional feeling of truly being in the African bush. Under canvas, you will not only hear but feel the roar of the lion, the throaty cough of a leopard, and the fiery-necked hightjar celebrating the night.

Pungwe Safari Camp guests can also choose to replace the morning game drive with an optional bush walk. Guests who take part in the bush walk will set out on foot, guided by Pungwe’s FGASA-qualified rangers and trackers who will direct you through wild trails and vast expanses as you search for Africa’s hidden delights. Trace the various animal tracks as you journey away from the camp and into the bush where you’ll feel at one with the surrounding nature. With nothing but you, your companions, and the natural landscape surrounding you, a bush walk is a perfect way to witness the sights, sounds, and smells of true freedom in this safari of the senses. As you follow in the footsteps of lions, elephants, hyenas, and more, Pungwe’s local guides will teach you all you need to know about the bush, recounting their favorite stories of animal encounters and, if you’re really lucky, perhaps you’ll experience one yourself! After all, activities at Pungwe are the winning formula for a lifetime of memories that last far beyond the duration of your trip.


There are plenty of activities at Pungwe Safari Camp Set to enjoy. Game drives are included as part of your trip to Pungwe and allow you to enjoy an open-top vehicle safari during the afternoon or early evening for breathtaking sights of the reserve. During the game drive, Pungwe’s local and experienced safari guides will take you off-road for close-up sightings of the most beautiful wildlife, including lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and more. As you marvel at the surrounding landscape, you’ll witness unrivaled sights and hear the awe-inspiring sounds that the reserve offers. With only the open sky and the beauty of the sun rising or setting above you, the game drive is less of a sighting and more of an interaction between you and the wild animals roaming free in the bush. As you delight in the great expanse that surrounds you, you’ll be on the lookout for Africa’s Big Five. From the infectious greeting of wild dogs to the crow of the Fiery-necked nightjar, a game drive is a treat to the senses with many surprises and delights in store for all who visit.

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